As part of Mr. Felipe’s yearly Shakespeare curriculum, his class is currently reading the comedy Twelfth Night.  While Twelfth Night is not one of Shakespeare’s most popular works, it was selected based on an intentional alignment with the Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s (CST) abridged production of the same play. The yearly abridged productions are designed by the CST’s education department in an effort to bring Shakespeare in an accessible way to young audiences. The education department then supplements educators with free professional development to help design meaningful curriculum units, lessons, and instructional practices when teaching Shakespeare.

“I cannot stress enough how great it is to be able to teach Shakespeare as literature not just to learn, but to play with,” says Felipe, 7th and 8th grade Literary Arts teacher. Watching the play come to life on stage was a real treat for the students who have spent the last month developing their own interpretations and text edits. Watching the play this week was an introductory activity to begin Altus’ own production of an abridged Twelfth Night. Our student production will be performed later this school year. Keep checking for updates.