Our school model has four major objectives and respective activities:

To provide an excellent education through a comprehensive suite of innovative, project-based academic programs. These, along with long-term supplemental supports, will equip our students with the academic preparation to be successful in college-preparatory high schools and, ultimately, in college, career, and life.

Academic programs reflect our belief that all students deserve high academic expectations in a supportive environment that fosters ownership for learning. Activities include:

  • Project-Based Learning instruction with curriculum aligned to the Illinois State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Mixed-level classrooms to facilitate differentiation and peer-to-peer learning.
  • Student-directed before and after school programs.
  • Week-long enrichment programs to enhance understanding of community issues and educational transitions.
To inspire students with a vision of success based on the integration and practice of human virtue into all aspects of Altus Academy, creating a culture of character that will equip and motivate our students to make sound moral decisions as they navigate their lives.

Character development initiatives reflect our belief that we must all strive together as a learning community (students, families, staff) to make daily decisions based on sound moral principles and critical thinking in order to lead a successful life of service to God and others. Activities include:

    • Classroom instruction in our IHD class
    • Athletics
    • Group and individual advising
    • Restorative relationship building practices
    • Work-study program
    • Lunch program
To provide intensive, consistent, long-term one-on-one mentoring throughout middle school, high school, college, and beyond to equip our students with the social & emotional skills, learning strategies, and 21st-century skills needed to successfully meet life’s challenges.

Programs reflect our belief that it is critical to teach our students how to build positive relationships with caring adults who will help them envision a path to success. The mentoring program at Altus has three distinct tiers:

  • Peer Mentoring to develop interrelation pro-social skills in a supportive environment.
  • Academic Mentoring to teach learning strategies and basic college-readiness skills.
  • Adult Mentoring to develop the 21st century skills that are essential for career success.
To empower parents as the primary guides and educators of their children so as to strengthen families as the fundamental unit of society. We will equip our families with the confidence to actively engage the decision-making process throughout educational transitions.

Programs reflect our belief that student success is hinged on strong partnerships with parents. Partnerships occur by developing personal relationships with parents through clear and open lines of communication, capacity building, opportunities for involvement with clear objectives, and participation in school improvement and decision making. Activities include:

  • Providing technology for home use
  • Quarterly informational meetings on current educational issues and school policies
  • Home visits to discuss student progress
  • Parent led committees
  • Parent Advocates program