The practice of virtue based on sound moral principles and critical thinking is a daily and school-wide endeavor at Altus Academy. Specific activities, recognition, and practices reinforce our commitment to building a culture of character for our entire learning community.


Integral Human Development (IHD) Class:

The IHD class is at the heart of our “culture of character”. In this class, students learn and discuss the truth of objective Christian moral reality through the understanding and practice of human virtue in their daily lives. Students are called to practice and model the moral struggle within and beyond the Altus Academy community.¬†


Character Development:

We periodically identify students who have been recognize by students and faculty, for demonstrating an outstanding effort in the struggle to grow in virtue and build a culture of character at Altus Academy.

Repairing, Rebuilding, Restoring Relationships:

Based on social and emotional learning standards and restorative justice practices, discipline at Altus Academy is non-punitive. Rather, situations are resolved through conflict resolution practices and a firm understanding of natural consequences in an effort to teach relationship building skills.


School-Wide Behaviors:

Through the school-wide use of Class Dojo, students are reinforced when demonstrating positive behaviors and encouraged to improve on negative behaviors.