Board of Directors,

Attorney at Law, Howard & Howard Attorneys

Since the early 1970’s, Hank has been practicing law in downtown Chicago, specializing in business transactions and counseling on general business issues. Hank was at Defrees & Fiske for many years prior to its merger with Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC, a mid-sized firm headquartered in the Detroit area. Hank was the managing partner at Defrees and has served as the managing partner of the Howard & Howard Chicago office since the merger in 2009. Hank did his undergraduate work at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and received his law degree from the University of Chicago Law School. After being awarded a Rotary Fellowship for international study, received a Masters of Law from the University of London.

Hank is active in his church, which is located in the Hyde Park area of Chicago where he and his wife Janet have lived for many years. He was on its governing board from 2003-2008, and in 2009 helped to organize a new Finance Committee, serving as its first chair until he was appointed as warden of the church in 2010. Hank is now in his second term as warden. Hank is committed to the support of the education of young people. He believes that all children should be given tools to succeed as adults, and that Altus Academy will afford that opportunity for its students and their families. He and his wife Janet have supported schools for a number of years and are eager to assist in the success of Altus Academy. Hank and Janet have two children, Patrick, who works independently in the movie business, and Lucy, a student in the veterinary school at the University of Illinois.