It is hard to believe that at only our second YCFC chess tournament the Altus chess team brought home the hardware with 4 of our players placing in the top 12 and ranking 1st among teams! With the nerves long gone from our first tournament in February, all of our players were focused and determined throughout the five rounds.

Some key highlights include Olman Chaheine who ranked 1st out of 110 players in his division. Olman went a perfect 5-0, and then won a blitz playoff against the only other undefeated player of the day. Olman’s chess play can only be described as elegant—every move is perfectly calculated and efficient. Isai Hernandez scored 4.5 points, only drawing one game. Isai likes to “win with finesse,” which can be nerve wrecking for us coaches on the sidelines! He ranked 3rd out of 110 players in his division. Ethan Morrelly and Fernando Alvarez both scored 4 points winning a trophy for ranking 9th overall and a medal for 12th respectively. Marlon Rodriguez, Javier Saldivar, Clifton Jackson, Johnathan Balderos, Chris Owens, and Gia Morrelly all scored at least 1.5 points, showing true heart and sportsmanship at each and every game.

A notable mention goes out to Clifton, who after 3 rounds was 3-0 and ranked 2nd overall. With a big target on his back, he faced the toughest competition of the day, and just barely fell short of winning a trophy.

We are all very proud of our chess team, and look forward to many more championships to come.