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NIU Partners with Altus Academy

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Our Mission

The mission of Altus Academy is to develop students with the strength of character and academic preparation to succeed in college preparatory high schools, college, and beyond.
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Our Commitment

We commit to provide a high quality college preparatory education for families and students from historical minority groups, low-income and first-generation college graduate households.
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Strategic Partner

Northern Illinois University (NIU) is a partner with Altus Academy in developing a college preparatory middle school.
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Five Areas of integral humanism



The content of study, and the learning strategies and skills that will prepare our students for admittance to and success in college preparatory high schools and beyond.



The understanding of objective moral reality and the development of a strong moral character based on the learning and practice of human virtue.



The true source, purpose, and beauty of our physical nature in the context of our human dignity as persons and the respectful recognition of this dignity in our relationship to others.



The development and practice of the analytic and critical thinking skills that will enable our students to be self directed life long learners capable of discovering the truth.



The recognition and development of our relationship with God and how that relationship informs us in the discovery and development of the unique vocation of each student to serve God and others.